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Settlement in early medieval Ireland, in the light of recent archaeological excavations


Edited by Christiaan Corlett & Michael Potterton

Published 2011, paperback, xii + 355pp, illustrated.

Published by Wordwell Ltd

This publication is the third volume in the series ‘Research papers in Irish archaeology’. It is not widely known among the general public in Ireland, and perhaps among scholars beyond, that this island contains probably the richest, best-preserved early medieval settlement archaeology in Europe. In no other country is it possible, as it is here, to point to a national map depicting upwards of forty to fifty thousand early medieval settlement sites (ringforts or raths) and say: ‘These are only the early medieval settlements that we know about from maps and other sources a lot more have been discovered through recent archaeological excavations’. In this book we are this presented with an extraordinary collection of papers describing some of the key early medieval settlement excavations of recent years. In all of these papers there is a sense of people inhabiting a place in various ways between the sixth and twelfth centuries AD, and how this changed across time.