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Inscribing the landscape - the rock art of south Leinster


Christiaan Corlett

Published in 2014, paperback, 128pp, illustrated

Published by Wordwell Books

The focus of this book is the rock art of the south of Leinster, which forms the south-eastern corner of Ireland. Although suggestive of modern music and related art forms, 'rock art' is the name applied by archaeologists to a particular type of prehistoric art found in northern and Atlantic Europe. Irish rock art most likely dates from the early Neolithic period, 4000-3400 BC. But such is the lack of awareness of the rock art of south Leinster that it has never received any attention amongst researchers of Irish rock art. Indeed, it will most likely come as a gereat surprise to many to learn of the extent of rock art in this region. Nothwithstanding this dearth of research to date, the author's intention is to make rock art accessible to a wider audience and to provide an important baseline of data and observations for future research.